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Seeing Sound

We mix science, art, interactivity, slime to conduct this science experiment. Ultimately, the kids will not only see sounds but interact with it.

DJ for a day

We introduce children to Electronic Music using technology. Children will use iPads, Launch Pads, Samplers. Putting focus on creativity and team work.

Silly Sounds

Silly Sounds is a highly interactive incursion exploring voice, voice transformation, sound recognition, tone games and creativity using music technology!

Head Sparks

Head Sparks is an innovative 10 week STEAM program that includes presentations, workshops and interactive environments covering electricity, sound, and light.

Our Principles


Belief is far more then intellectual understanding, it also involves a deep commitment.

We always encourage self-belief. Trying to help the kids reach outside themselves, to realise their immeasurable potential. It is only then that they can be true explorers.


Fun involves a measure of freedom, exploration, and discovery that results in Joy!

We believe that fun is the universal reward! Armed with the freedom to explore, the belief in one’s own potential, all moving with a common goal, the outcome is fun!

Free Will

The ability to choose, ultimately, to choose a course of life. However, history has shown that free will must be governed by values and tempered with insight.

With every module we always present options to the kids due to diverse backgrounds and dispositions. Each child choosing a different object or method while working toward the same goal.


By frequently paying close attention with a view to grow, we take on new knowledge, we become this knowledge, a stepping stone to wisdom.

We at the sonic kitchen understand that to achieve anything, one must repeatedly function in a way that stimulates new thought, forming good habits.

The Sonic Kitchen

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STEM Amplified!
The Sonic Kitchen provides a highly unique mode of STEAM education. This includes presentations, workshops, and technology environments. Ranging from voice transformation to science experiments where kids actually get to see sound!! We always strive for uniqueness and excellence, in turn, encouraging kids to reflect the same trailblazing spirit. We sincerely hope to visit your centre very soon!

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