Today, the children experienced colour sound, also known as ChromaPhonics!

The first stage is called ‘In The Womb‘.
As the children entered the room, the whole room was a glow with shifting magenta, red, and blue.
And it was pulsing like a heartbeat. There was warm / gentle music that accentuated the lights
and children were able to interact with iPads to create light motion.

The second stage is called ‘Video Games
Children were interacting with iPads and arcade buttons to trigger sweeping lights from left to right
and reverse at different speeds, also when a child increased the pitch, they changed the lighting colours and motion.

The 3rd stage is called ‘Vowels
This is structured as a game and it challenges vision, auditory, memory, and language.
When the children press an iPad button, a vowel sound is trigger along with a selected light
(e.g the vowel ‘a’ triggers red light, the vowel ‘u’ triggers blue light)
It’s then the child’s challenge to remember which light is connected to it’s vowel, then the children
need to place an image of that vowel on the correct light box.

The 4th and final stage is called Microphone Magic!
This stage is truly impressive!
Children would step up to the microphone and speak out!
Then right before their eyes, they could see their voices as a living colour spectrum.
Deep tones show as reds & oranges, while bright tones show as greens & blues and every colour in between.

During all these stages, children could also enjoy a light box that evolved in colour, and a jungle drum to trigger light colours!
At the very end of the session, the older children were shown that the lights they were controlling are actually Robots !
An all-round exciting display of technology and beauty.

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