Today, the children were introduced to the exciting world of electronic music creation!!

The music-making devices they used were Launchpads and iPads.

The children were organised into 2 groups, Red Team Blue Team.

Each group had a giant dice that they would roll, and what ever number(s) appeared, that is the number they would select on the Launchpad resulting in sounds.

Once they had made enough sounds that were musical, we would write these dice numbers on the whiteboard.

The last part of the session is the part where the children recorded their work!!

This involved calling out the numbers from the board, when executed, the result was their combined musical pieces.

The kids also started using the iPad more often for adding Sound FX to their music, and adding drama to their music.

The Sound Fx they used were:

Filters:  Filters allow you to change the tone or quality of the sound from dark to nasally to bright. It is the most common technique for animating sound.

Glitching:  Glitching is achieved by taking small chunks of audio and repeating those chunks in rapid succession.

Reverb:  Reverb is what you hear if you clap you hands in a massive space like an arena. we used it to create a white-wash of sound like a crashing wave.

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