Course Introduction

STEM is a major focus in the educational industry.
Here are some reasons why.

  1. we live in a technological age.
  2. we interact with computers everyday.
  3. we live in environments that are part natural and part man made.

And with major leaps in science, technology, and communications, the jobs of the future at the very least will have traces of these things within them.

The Sonic Kitchen is a STEAM provider.

We service over 100 centres in Western Sydney and the Inner City, and currently work with children ages 0 -12yrs. By request, we have finally designed a special PD course for early learning teachers called Fundamental!

Early learning teachers play a challenging role in this world. They are teachers as well as carers. Additionally, they are expected to be – joyful, a moral guide or role model, a motivator, and fun. The challenge? Sometimes it can be difficult to display those qualities everyday with the same intensity. Has a child ever asked you a question, and you felt unable to guide them in their journey?

The knowledge and understanding of our environment can unlock tremendous learning power.

This can be a likened to shifting the camera lens into focus, like sharpening a blade, like stirring a fire. This Fundamental course is designed to help early learning teachers understand their environment by means of physics and creativity. Fundamental is a refreshing STEAM course that will uncover some of the mysteries of nature.

It will expose you to some strange physical laws, and give you practical power, enabling you to take this knowledge into the classroom and into playground. We apply this knowledge using Outcome#4 of the EYLF, and you should leave each lesson not only having new knowledge but also have the framework for new lesson plans and new STEM adventures.
We will explore the natural world, human functions, and toys children are very familiar with.
Some people may think of children’s toys as being trivial playthings. However, in each toy and playground there are deep laws of physics. There’s nothing trivial about that!

The goal of Fundamental is not to turn you into engineers, but to inspire new thoughts and stir your imagination. And learning a little bit about physics can help us squeeze more lessons out of our early learning environment.

Spearheading the Fundamental course is Jeremy Barton.
Jeremy is a digital artist, programmer, sound engineer, musician, and presenter.

He is the founder of The Sonic Kitchen and strives to present complex topics in a clear, interactive, and vibrant way.

A message from Jeremy:
Fundamental was inspired by a few clients of ours. They would express that as an early learning teacher, one of the biggest challenges is to maintain the fun factor.

They approached The Sonic Kitchen because we always bring innovative ideas to the centre. So I began to think about my training and experience and the knowledge that inspires me and guides me when I invent, design, and engineer new things.

I decided to call this course Fundamental, because the key words in Fundamental are Fun and Mental, that’s right, Mental Fun.

In this course, we explore

  • creativity
  • mechanical laws
  • electric forces
  • magnetic forces
  • music
  • light & colour

Fundamental will give you a solid practical understanding of some basic physics.
As well as giving you tools to run STEAM experiments, an appreciation for your life and this beautiful earth, and to find the fun in your surroundings.”


STEM Amplified!
The Sonic Kitchen provides a highly unique mode of STEAM education. This includes presentations, workshops, and technology environments. Ranging from voice transformation to science experiments where kids actually get to see sound!! We always strive for uniqueness and excellence, in turn, encouraging kids to reflect the same trailblazing spirit. We sincerely hope to visit your centre very soon!

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