These lessons that make up fundamental cover topics from creativity to light & colour.

Each lesson follows a basic format

1. a concept is raised
2. we explore real-life examples
3. dynamic demonstrations
4. group activities
5. apply to the classroom or playground using outcome 4 of the EYLF

Lesson #1 – Creative Fire

Creative Fire

Lesson #2 – Inertia


Lesson #3 – Action & Reaction

Action & Reaction

Lesson #4 – Magnetism


Lesson #5 – Electricity


Lesson #6 – Vibration | Sound | Music

Vibration Sound and Music

Lesson #7 – Light & Colour

Light & Colour

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STEM Amplified!
Meet The Sonic Kitchen. We provide a highly unique mode of sound education that consists of hands-on experience, using science and technology to produce creative outcomes. We use modern technology by means of our colourful workshops that range from voice transformation to science experiments where kids actually get to see sound!! We always strive for uniqueness and excellence, in turn, encouraging kids to reflect the same trailblazing spirit. We sincerely hope to visit your centre very soon!

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