Prestons World of Learning

We love it when Sonic Kitchen comes to Prestons World of Learning!!

Each session is different and perfectly pitched for the children (and Teachers) to have a real hands-on opportunity to learn about science in such a special way.
Jeremy leads each session with such enthusiasm and passion and has a way of connecting with the children and encouraging them to explore with just as much enthusiasm and passion, each in their own way.
We love that the each child has the opportunity to be involved – from the Preschool to the Nursery.

The follow up extension ideas that Jeremy shares keep the fun and learning going until the next time Sonic Kitchen visits!
We highly recommend Sonic Kitchen to anyone and everyone!!


STEM Amplified!
The Sonic Kitchen provides a highly unique mode of STEAM education. This includes presentations, workshops, and technology environments. Ranging from voice transformation to science experiments where kids actually get to see sound!! We always strive for uniqueness and excellence, in turn, encouraging kids to reflect the same trailblazing spirit. We sincerely hope to visit your centre very soon!

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