The science activity is called Seeing Sound.
It is based on a branch of science/art called Cymatics.
‘Cymatics’ It is derived from the Greek ‘kyma’ meaning wave.

In these experiments we made slime with 2 cups of corn starch and 1 cup of green water.
The children used their BIG muscles to mix the slime.
We then made the slime dance using a vibrating loudspeaker controlled by iPads.

We also made geometrical sand art using a device called a “Chladni Plate’.
First, the child sprinkles some coloured sand onto the Plate.
Using an iPad, children selected various images (boomerangs, butterflies, stars, spider web)
and a representation of that image appears on the vibrating plate along with corresponding sounds!!

We played a game called louder / softer where the teachers made vibrations
with a giant wave spring that presents an excellent representation of vibration.

The beauty of this incursion is the fact that it connects music, shape, and images with physical movement (i.e vibration).

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