“The science activity is called Seeing Sound.
It is based on a branch of science/art called Cymatics.
Cymatics It is derived from the Greek ‘kyma’ meaning ‘wave’.”

Outcome 1: Children have a Strong Sense of Identity:

Sense and respond to a feeling of belonging.
Respond to ideas and suggestions from others.
Confidently explore and engage with social and physical environments through relationships and play.
Are open to new challenges and discoveries.
Feel recognised and respected for who they are.
Increasingly co-operate and work collaboratively with others.
Celebrate and share their contributions and achievement with others.

“In these experiments we make slime and then make the slime dance using a vibrating loudspeaker controlled using iPads.”

Outcome 4: Children are Confident and Involved Learners

Freely follow and extended their own interests with enthusiasm, curiosity, energy, and concentration.
Make predictions and generalisations about their daily activities, aspects of the natural world and environments.
Manipulate objects and experiment with cause and effect through trial and error.
Make choice and take control.
Make connections between experiences, concepts and processes.
Experience the benefits and pleasures of shared exploration of new ideas.
Explore the purpose and function of a range of tools and media.
Experiments with and use information and communication technologies (ICT) to investigate and problem solve.

“We also make geometrical sand art using a device called a “Chladni Plate’.
First the child sprinkles some coloured sand on the Chladni Plate.
Using an iPad, a child selects various images (boomerangs, butterflies, stars)
and a representation of that image appears on the vibrating plate along with corresponding sounds.”

Outcome 5: Children Become Effective Communicators

Engage in enjoyable interactions using verbal and non-verbal language
Contribute their ideas and experiences in play, small and large group discussions, including decision-making opportunities such as making group roles.
Interact with others to explore ideas and concepts, clarify and challenge thinking, debate, negotiate and share new understandings.
Convey and construct messages with purpose and confidence, for example expressing needs, conflict resolution, following direction.
Participate in play opportunities that promote social interaction with peers.
Engage with media and technology for fun and to make meaning.
Use the creative arts such as music and movement.

Outcome 3: Children Have A Strong Sense Of Wellbeing

Demonstrate trust and confidence.
Share humour, happiness and satisfaction.
Celebrate their own efforts and achievements and those of others.
Increasingly co-operate and work collaboratively with others.
Make choices, accept challenges, take considered risks, manage change, and cope with frustrations.
Show self-regulation and manage their emotions in ways that reflect the feelings and needs of others.
Recognise the contributions they make to shared projects and experiences and anticipate realistic consequences.
Manipulate equipment and manage tools with increasing competence and skill.
Negotiate environments to ensure the safety ad the wellbeing of themselves and others.

“The beauty of this incursion is the fact that it connects music, shape, and images with physical movement (i.e vibration).”

Outcome 2: Children are Connected with and Contribute to Their World

Co-operate with others and negotiate roles and relationships in play and leisure experiences.
Take actions to assist other children to participate in social groups.
Broaden their understanding of the world in which we live.
Build on their social experiences to explore other ways of being.
Learn to ‘read’ the behaviours of others and respond appropriately.
Practice inclusive ways of achieving coexistence.
Demonstrate an increasing knowledge of, and respect for natural and constructed environments.
Participate with others to solve problems and contribute to group outcomes.

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