The children were introduced to creative voice transformation using technology, along with sing-song and putting focus on their voices and sounds.

This delivery includes sing-song, sound recognition games, tone games, recording voices, transforming the voices into robots, giants, monsters, babies etc.

There was the use of a Microphone and some of the children’s voices were recorded.

The children used a Sound Sampler and iPads to transform the voices into Giants, Robots, Monsters, and babies.

The children used a technique called Pitch-Shifting to lower the pitch to make Giant voices, or increase the pitch to make Baby voices.

We played a game called pick-a-sound.

The children guessed what the sound was and they also made a swarm of bees sound from a child’s simple zzzzzzzz sound.

We played a game called louder / softer.

Two teachers used a giant wave spring to make big vibrations (LOUDER) or smaller vibrations (SOFTER) high-frequency vibrations (FASTER) or low-frequency vibrations (SLOWER).

All this action was driven by the children telling their teachers LOUDER, SOFTER, FASTER, SLOWER.

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Meet The Sonic Kitchen. We provide a highly unique mode of sound education that consists of hands-on experience, using science and technology to produce creative outcomes. We use modern technology by means of our colourful workshops that range from voice transformation to science experiments where kids actually get to see sound!! We always strive for uniqueness and excellence, in turn, encouraging kids to reflect the same trailblazing spirit. We sincerely hope to visit your centre very soon!

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