Today the children explored the trilling world of electricity in a presentation called Spark!

We learnt that household lights, the beating heart, even the sun’s energy are all made possible because of electricity.

We started by making balloons cling to the wall using the electric forces.
This was done by rubbing a few rubber latex balloons on a nylon sheet, and then sticking them to wall.
The balloon that remained in it’s position for the longest time wins, it has the strongest electrical force.

The children saw a Van De Graaf generator in action.
Because of electricity we saw foil balls being blown around in a tube, we saw a propeller spin,
and we saw foil pie tins gracefully float up into the air all because of electricity.
This demonstrated that the electric force in itself is invisible, however, it influences physical objects.

Up to this point, the children could see the affects of electricity.
Next, the children could literally feel electricity.
This was done by charging up a foil balloon (in a controlled manner) and
bringing that balloon into the audience.
Some children could touch the balloon developing a spark, in turn, feeling electricity.
The strength of the spark was similar to what they would experience on a playground slide.
This was done in a control way so as to not inflict pain, instead to give a tingling sensation.

Next, we saw how electricity can bend water !

Then, the children experienced a plasma ball.

We also saw how electricity can move forwards and backwards, moving the balloon between the Van De Graaf generator
and the presenter’s head, forwards and backwards.

Finally, we did a hair raising experiment with electricity.

The presenter first showed the children how the electric forces can make some strings (like hair) lift up.
Then then the presenter placed some cotton threads on his head, once he was charge up,  the cotton threads looked like they were reaching for the sky !

Yes, Spark is a trilling, moving, buzzing presentation highlighting a key agent of life, electricity.

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