Kinda Mindi Early Learning Centre – Glendenning

“Kinda-Mindi Glendenning had a fantastic fun filled visit from Sonic Kitchen in August 2019.
The host Jeremy Barton was interactive and accommodating to all Children/families and Educators.
The experience was like nothing we have ever had before and we loved it, It was helping the
children explore voice, voice transformation, sound recognition, tone games and using creativity to explore music technology.
Jeremy even gave us a copy of all the children’s individual sounds that they made though the experience.
We asked the children/families and educators their thoughts and only positive feedback was given.
I would very highly recommend this experience to everyone. “


STEM Amplified!
The Sonic Kitchen provides a highly unique mode of STEAM education. This includes presentations, workshops, and technology environments. Ranging from voice transformation to science experiments where kids actually get to see sound!! We always strive for uniqueness and excellence, in turn, encouraging kids to reflect the same trailblazing spirit. We sincerely hope to visit your centre very soon!

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